Happy Posto (June 2014) & Frozen overloadness

Hello AC readers…
Back to work!
Today is going to be a Wednesday blue, after a long holiday (for those who stayed in Sarawak). I should have filled in my holiday with so many craft and unfinished projects. But I didn’t! Not because of the laziness… It was because of my full attention had to switch to this little Princess. x)


Which was.. a troublesome sometimes. Last Monday, I received a parcel from my aunt in KL. It was a surprised when I heard the poslaju van honking in front of our house. So I asked the delivery man, he didn’t took a day off that day? He told me he had nothing to do so he just took an overtime to deliver the parcel. Great! Praised to that man. That is called a commited worker!

Speaking of the parcel, yes as you can see from the picture above… it was Princess Ana of Frozen from the parcel. Amani was so excited to see it. Me and DearDear used to tell her that Princess Ana was just like her. A bit naughty and and playful. Hehe. She told me Elsa was me. I guessed because of the fierce face of Elsa that might remind her like her mama. muhuhu.

Anyway, thanks to Aunty Nor for the thoughtful gift for her ‘cucu’. hihihi.


Sometimes I think the Frozen film was a spoilt to children. Look at the picture above. Frozen overload? I only left her for about 5 minutes (to run into the toilet) and when I was back, I saw that my room had a snowfall…. Perhaps Ana had made Elsa gone mad and she froze everything!

Oh my goodness! I feel like to runaway and cry! And… I should sing “Let it go” at the moment I run. muhuhu…. If you were in my position, how do you feel? T.T


11 thoughts on “Happy Posto (June 2014) & Frozen overloadness

  1. oohh.. so cool to receive a doll in the post.. and I was thinking did your girl pour out some powder? LOL.. that’s so cute.. children.. they are full of imagination.. Love it. ❤

    • Lucky kids nowadays… We would only can dream to own a doll when we were kid. Yup, she pour out the powder all over the place. Thank goodness she didn’t froze my heart as Elsa did in frozen. hehe

  2. lol … She’s a heart-melting cutie, for sure! Had she used fresh-scented talcum powder for the snow? Oh, and your package arrived safe ‘n sound with Friday’s mail! I’ll be opening it very soon—now that my iMac is back! Thanks so much, Azura 🙂 ❤ ❤

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