Throwback Thursday (Jun12/2014)

Good day dear readers…

Look what I’ve found for my #throwbackthursday


A froggy charm and a fishbone charm. Those were my favourite charms among all. Especially the fishbone charm. I used to wear it all the times, it was like my lucky charm. My mom and sister gave them to me as souvenirs from UK. Since then I started to look out for froggy charm/collectibles from every places. Oh, I did named the fishbone charm as Mellow Fishbone. Don’t ask me why. Am quite a dreamer plus bubbly little girl before. Lol!


Another #throwback treasures that I’ve found are these friendship bracelets!! Both were made and given by my two besties, Ritchey Bear and Ina. We were very good in crafting before right… Unlike youngsters nowadays. They are more glued to the gadgets. How boring. 😦

Stick to me for another #throwbackthursday next week. 😀



7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday (Jun12/2014)

  1. oohh… finally you got the froggie charm.. great job.. love the fishbone one.. Heehee.. yup.. i remembered that once a upon a time is such a hit graphic in langkawi.. 😀

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