Happy Posto (Outgoing & Incoming Mail)

Hello friends…

The last two weeks I’ve been so addicted in snail mailing.


The outgoing mails… I lost tracks on how many pen pals and post crossers I had been mailing of. It all started with swapping the postcards via instagram, and then found some interesting people to be pen pals. I even took a challenge to swap parcels with them. This activities are so much fun! It’s like I’m back to my teenage hobbies. hehe.


From the outgoing mails, one was replied and received by me. This is from Chanae of USA. I loved everything about the letter. There were so many cute stuff included especially the Keroppi sticker! We shared so many similar interest. It wasn’t hard to find something for her in return. πŸ™‚


I also received a vintage postcard from Rani of Indonesia. I love the notes written in Bahasa Indonesia abd the quotes really caught my attention. πŸ˜‰


Love the stamps too. Sorry for the blurry image.


These postcards of Sabah and Sipadan island were posted by Abg Fadli while he travelled in Sabah. He is my blog friend, a blog traveller. I suggest you go and visit his website at mytravellicious.com Really a travell-holic. hehe. Thank you Abg Fadli!! ^_^


And what more exciting when I saw one of the character in the Boboiboy stamp on it. Such a cutie… lol.

There you go, a quick update on my happy posto segment. lol! If you are travelling somewhere in the future, don’t forget to send me postcard. ^_Γ—


7 thoughts on “Happy Posto (Outgoing & Incoming Mail)

  1. wow.. your mailbox has been really busy.. πŸ˜€
    and I also want to thank you for your pacakge that came through today.. will write a post about it soon.. πŸ˜‰

  2. One thing I love about mails is the stamps. Beautiful to be kept and collected. It has been long long time since I wrote to pen pals. Those wear the 80s and early 90s hobby I think. Now not many people write and send mails. All the fun and joy of sending mails and anxiety waiting for postmen. Haha.

    happy weekend Azura!

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