Happy posto (End of June 2014)

Hello readers… Sorry for neglecting the blog again. Did you missed me? Lol.

I was super busy last week. There were so many things to complete whether in office or in my house. I wish to go for a vacation when all of these are done.

However, there are things that could make smile with my daily super busy life. Incoming mails!!


First, I received a beautiful glittery postcard from Daniella of Georgia. The reflection of the river has glitter effects on it.


Another postcard received was from Afif of Indonesia. Such a beautiful view of the beach in Bali.


I also received a letter from my new pen pal Beam of Thailand. Thank you for the lovely letter which includes a postcard and some cute stickers. ♥


Last but not least, a postcard from Ditta of Indonesia. It shows an illustration of a big bear and baby bear planting flowers. So sweet…


Thanks to the senders… now my collection of postcards and stamps are piled up. XD I would love to do swapping again with you guys next time.


Happy fasting to my Muslim friends… ^_^


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