Quality Times (Indoor activities)

Hello lovelies..

How do you spend your quality times with your children (indoor activities)? My quality time with Amani is mostly during the nights and weekend as she is in nursery during weekdays.


Sometimes at night, I would teach her to recite muqaddam. Only a simple Alif Ba Ta. She already remember the sequence as she remembered ABC, but she still didn’t recognised the alphabet. A lot of practice is needed…


She wasn’t to excited to recites muqaddam all the times. Sometimes she refused to join me praying. Instead she take out her jigsaw puzzles box. I’ve trained her with puzzles since she was one year old. Now she can solve the puzzles on her own and really loves pkaying with it.


Another thing she loves to do is playing with legos. She would brought along her ‘bucket’ and I just let her playing with legos. Yeah, I trained her to put all her legos inside the bucket. 


She too a bookworm like her mama. XD. Sometimes she would asked me to read her a story or she would browsed herself her own book.


Amani also loves watching movies. She would asked me to play any ‘princess movie’ and she would lay down on the floor enjoying watching the movie. 🙂


When I was outside, I always end up buying her a colouring book. At first you couldn’t expect her to do the colouring. So I was the one who helped her doing it instead. As it attract her interest, she would try to colour on her own. Seldom she needs guide from me but I bet what she really need is our attention towards her. This time, I found improvement on her. She already knows how to colour inside the line. Good job my girl!

Hana Kimi

Hello lovelies…

How are you today? I hope everyone is fine and healthy.

I’ve been taking a lot of nature especially plant photos lately. My mom is a plant lover. I grew up getting used to be surrounded by flowers. She really loves Orchids. One day she told me her spider orchid flower was blooming. Here is the photo of the orchid.


Quite a rare species I guessed. Taking care of orchids is not easy. I would surrender in the first place to plant an orchid. lol. XD


And this is my favourite flower. Hydrangea. I bought this flower as my mom’s birthday gift. It was still a baby plant when I bought it. I just love looking it blooms. :-*


One day my mom bought me this new cactus. Yeah it looks like my last yellow cactus. Perhaps she thought I was still mourning over my dying cactus, so she bought the one that look alike the old cactus. But this time it’s red colour.


Now , if you remember Lola, my new cactus to replace the yellow cactus. Well, it grows!! I have to make sure the cactusses must get enough sun. Instead of keeping it indoor, I’ve arrangged them into one big pot.


Introducing, here is another new Cactus also given by my mom. More exciting is the flower just bloomed on a few days after it came. I heard that if the cactus flower is blooming, there will be a good luck for us. I do hope so…. 😉

#tbt : Polaroid

Hello lovelies ♥
It’s Throwback Thursday (#tbt) and I want to share with you what I’ve been keeping all this time.


Can you guess who’s the baby in the polaroid picture? Haha. Yeah, of course that was me. I remember my mom told me that I was 9 months when the picture was taken. The photo was taken by my late grandfather, using his polaroid camera. My late grandfather is a very strict person. There’s a soft corner of him when looking at the picture. 😥


I think now I know where did I inherit the interest with an instant camera. If you have been my followers, I guess you remember my birthday present 2 years ago. Given by DearDear and the camera had been good to me since then.


Here are some polaroid photos taken from my instax camera. I had to be extra careful when to take the photos since the film is very expensive. Sigh~ However, it made the photos are very special!

Can you see the red cactus from the pictures above? Yeay! That’s my new baby cacti. Till another post next time! Ciao!


Liebster Award Nomination – Thanks to Sew Rosey

Hello and good day!

I am sorry for neglecting my blog. I’ve been attacked by migraine in this such of weather and fasting month. What a pity.

Also, I am so depressed about the ‘unhealthy environment’ in the office. All these things made me so down and affected my blogging routine and even daily activities.

So today is the second day I’m taking my medical leave. Instead of lying around, I tried to do my ‘therapy’ here… in my blog. 🙂


Last month I received a nomination for Liebster Award from Sew Rosey

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who nominated you

2. Answer their questions

3. Nominate new blogs for the award

4. Ask them 10 new questions

5. Let the nominees know they have been nominated


And here are the 10 Questions from her. 😉

1.     If you had the choice and can only take one (1) craft with you to live permanently on a desert island what would it be?

– Cross Stitch. Yeah, definitely the right choice to kill the times. LOL!

2.    Do you have 10 or more works in progress?

10 and more. ;p

3.    How many countries have you travelled to?

Poor me. I’ve never been outside my own country. Perhaps someday…. 

4.    What is your favorite type of footwear?

I would say Flip Flops.

5.    Be truthful – what are you wearing while reading this blog question?

Black T-shirt and Teddy Bear pants. Lol!

6.    If you were a Fruit – which one would you be?

An apple. So I can be an apple of your eyes. hehe

7.    Do you prefer sweet or savory snacks?

Savory (the answer to my migraine caused)

8.   Do you hit  the snooze button on your alarm most mornings?


9.    What is you favourite colour & why?

White. Because it’s clean… fresh… like a newborn.

10.   Do you own a Pet, and what is it?

Yes. Cats…

The nomination continues:

1. Ain Dedeng

2. Rose’ World

3. Small Kucing

4. Borneo Love

5. Knitting With Heart


And now, the 10 questions for the nominees:

1. What is your latest addiction?

2. What is your favorite pizza topping?

3. Book that you read more than two times?

4. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?

5. Sing in the car?

6. Do you still watch cartoons?

7. Do you have any pet peeves? 

8. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

9. When is the last time you updated your blog?

10. Last letter/piece of mail you received besides junk or a bill? 

Till then…


39 Squares Project & Smalls SAL June 2014

Ahah. What a long title. ×D

Anyway, hello everyone. How are you feeling today? Bless you all with a great health and happy mood.

Today I’m combining my post on 39 squares project and Smalls SAL June 2014.


The 39 Squares Project is organised by Angela of Pretty Little Things in a Box. I’ve been meaning to start the project since she started to introduce it. Too bad, my time is always running out.


It was only last weekend that I managed to start the project. It is an embroidery project with 39 squares/blocks on a cloth. I’ve only started to stitch on two squares. It’s a great achievement for me though…. with my tight schedules and busy daylife. lol.

Now let’s take a bit closer to what I had stitched on it.


The first square is the red roses, and the second square is a bicycle. After halfway stitching I realised that I had wrongly chose the colour of the thread. I should have chosen darker thread or perhaps double stitch the lines. Any tips for me?

Since I have not check in for Small SAL June 2014, so I’m presenting the red roses and a bicycle for the Small SAL. 😀

Thank you for dropping by. Cheers!