39 Squares Project & Smalls SAL June 2014

Ahah. What a long title. ƗD

Anyway, hello everyone. How are you feeling today? Bless you all with a great health and happy mood.

Today I’m combining my post on 39 squares project and Smalls SAL June 2014.


The 39 Squares Project is organised by Angela of Pretty Little Things in a Box. I’ve been meaning to start the project since she started to introduce it. Too bad, my time is always running out.


It was only last weekend that I managed to start the project. It is an embroidery project with 39 squares/blocks on a cloth. I’ve only started to stitch on two squares. It’s a great achievement for me though…. with my tight schedules and busy daylife. lol.

Now let’s take a bit closer to what I had stitched on it.


The first square is the red roses, and the second square is a bicycle. After halfway stitching I realised that I had wrongly chose the colour of the thread. I should have chosen darker thread or perhaps double stitch the lines. Any tips for me?

Since I have not check in for Small SAL June 2014, so I’m presenting the red roses and a bicycle for the Small SAL. šŸ˜€

Thank you for dropping by. Cheers!


11 thoughts on “39 Squares Project & Smalls SAL June 2014

  1. Lovely roses. Like me! ^^ (perasan!)

    You are so patient and determined to do the 39 boxes. I dont think I have that will. Hehehe. But good luck to you. I know you will enjoy the work.

    Selamat Berpuasa!

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