#tbt : Polaroid

Hello lovelies ♥
It’s Throwback Thursday (#tbt) and I want to share with you what I’ve been keeping all this time.


Can you guess who’s the baby in the polaroid picture? Haha. Yeah, of course that was me. I remember my mom told me that I was 9 months when the picture was taken. The photo was taken by my late grandfather, using his polaroid camera. My late grandfather is a very strict person. There’s a soft corner of him when looking at the picture. 😥


I think now I know where did I inherit the interest with an instant camera. If you have been my followers, I guess you remember my birthday present 2 years ago. Given by DearDear and the camera had been good to me since then.


Here are some polaroid photos taken from my instax camera. I had to be extra careful when to take the photos since the film is very expensive. Sigh~ However, it made the photos are very special!

Can you see the red cactus from the pictures above? Yeay! That’s my new baby cacti. Till another post next time! Ciao!


5 thoughts on “#tbt : Polaroid

  1. Lovely polaroid pics. Wow! Nowadays everyghing digital and saved. Seldom printed out and kept in albums. I think the last time I used polaroid camera was during college days. Hahaha.

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