Hana Kimi

Hello lovelies…

How are you today? I hope everyone is fine and healthy.

I’ve been taking a lot of nature especially plant photos lately. My mom is a plant lover. I grew up getting used to be surrounded by flowers. She really loves Orchids. One day she told me her spider orchid flower was blooming. Here is the photo of the orchid.


Quite a rare species I guessed. Taking care of orchids is not easy. I would surrender in the first place to plant an orchid. lol. XD


And this is my favourite flower. Hydrangea. I bought this flower as my mom’s birthday gift. It was still a baby plant when I bought it. I just love looking it blooms. :-*


One day my mom bought me this new cactus. Yeah it looks like my last yellow cactus. Perhaps she thought I was still mourning over my dying cactus, so she bought the one that look alike the old cactus. But this time it’s red colour.


Now , if you remember Lola, my new cactus to replace the yellow cactus. Well, it grows!! I have to make sure the cactusses must get enough sun. Instead of keeping it indoor, I’ve arrangged them into one big pot.


Introducing, here is another new Cactus also given by my mom. More exciting is the flower just bloomed on a few days after it came. I heard that if the cactus flower is blooming, there will be a good luck for us. I do hope so…. 😉

8 thoughts on “Hana Kimi

  1. Beautiful cactus! My mum also a flowrr lover and I love looking at her garden.

    btw, I have done the Liebster award yesterday. Check it out at my blog!! Happy Wednesday to you!

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