Quality Times (Indoor activities)

Hello lovelies..

How do you spend your quality times with your children (indoor activities)? My quality time with Amani is mostly during the nights and weekend as she is in nursery during weekdays.


Sometimes at night, I would teach her to recite muqaddam. Only a simple Alif Ba Ta. She already remember the sequence as she remembered ABC, but she still didn’t recognised the alphabet. A lot of practice is needed…


She wasn’t to excited to recites muqaddam all the times. Sometimes she refused to join me praying. Instead she take out her jigsaw puzzles box. I’ve trained her with puzzles since she was one year old. Now she can solve the puzzles on her own and really loves pkaying with it.


Another thing she loves to do is playing with legos. She would brought along her ‘bucket’ and I just let her playing with legos. Yeah, I trained her to put all her legos inside the bucket.Β 


She too a bookworm like her mama. XD. Sometimes she would asked me to read her a story or she would browsed herself her own book.


Amani also loves watching movies. She would asked me to play any ‘princess movie’ and she would lay down on the floor enjoying watching the movie. πŸ™‚


When I was outside, I always end up buying her a colouring book. At first you couldn’t expect her to do the colouring. So I was the one who helped her doing it instead. As it attract her interest, she would try to colour on her own. Seldom she needs guide from me but I bet what she really need is our attention towards her. This time, I found improvement on her. She already knows how to colour inside the line. Good job my girl!


12 thoughts on “Quality Times (Indoor activities)

  1. So so so hot here, no rain for so long already, open burning everywhere. I can smell the smoke first thing when I go outdoors in the early morning.Best to stay indoors, especially puasa month, can’t drink.

    • That is true. I can breath smoke everywhere too. What I hate is someone really not aware of the weather abd they are still doing the open burning. 😦

  2. lovely to see that your daughter is enjoying the activities in-door.. πŸ˜‰ Impressed to see that she is picking up Arabic too.. that’s really a difficult language..

    • Yes, she is a fast learner. I was impressed too, seeing that she could remember the alphabets and numbers in sequence at such a young age. The arabic is a must known for us. I hope she could read on her own in the future. πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by! πŸ˜‰

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