Temptation #42 : Oyster Pancake

Hello everyone!

Please don’t laugh at me. All this while I only heard and see people talking about Oyster Pancake. So last Friday night, my family had a gathering at Bukit Mata Seafood One Jaya. My sister insisted on me for trying the pancake. So ‘sakai!’ Lol!!!


There it goes. My first time on trying eating Oyster Pancake. It’s crispy and tasty. However I disliked the taste of the gravy. The smell was awful!


It was a fine dinner with my family. Amani was so excited to meet her Kakak Yaya. Hope to have another family gathering after this. πŸ˜ƒ

Tbt : Lyric Books

“I said Hola Hola…. Hello Hello!” (currently the song from Dora the Explorer can’t get out of my system. Lol!)

It’s Throwback Thursday today!


I used to love searching for lyrics and collecting them. I would wrote down into my books. Here are my collection of lyric books. I bet some of you had this kind of hobby before. We had fun sharing and exchanging the lyrics.


As you can see, those were my favourite bands. The Manic Street Preachers, Stereophonics, Cast, Blink 182, Radiohead, Blur, Third Eye Blind, Matchbox Twenty… They are the kind of music that I listened.

Music is my best friend before. Celebrity was my boyfriend. I was a fangirl! Lol!

Smalls SAL August 2014

Check in time!

Last month I didn’t managed to submit any stitching project. It was my busy month. But no reason to not to check in the Smalls SAL for August 2014.

Here they are:


I’ve stitched on heart shapes with a mint green colour. I know it is too simple as I am running out of ideas on what to stitch. hehe.

The second one is a witch with the flying broom. Please don’t laugh at my ‘orange’ moon. It’s an eclipse! Lol!! That is my new charm. The witch charm, I just bought from online. Isn’t it cute? Well, it is suppossed to be a scary witch instead. πŸ˜…

Oh by the way, these stitches were part of my 39 Squares Project. Yeah yeah, I’m still way too far left behind. I bet some of you have finish the project.

Now, let’s hop to other participants. Happy stitching! πŸ˜„

Kore neko no tango – Amani Chan

Hello peeps.

How have you been?

Remember that I was looking for a pet for Amani? Coincidently we have a new kitten at home. So Amani had automatically adopted the kitten as her new pet.


She really loves the kitten. Can’t really put it down. She named it Ah Boy. Lol!


Last weekend we had attended DearDear’s friend ‘Akikah’ ceremony. As we entered the house, Amani suddenly throws a tantrum. Sigh~ I had to bring her back to my father in law’s home and borrowed a kitten from a neighbour’s house.


Only the kitten can calmed her. That’s her pets : A dolly (Princess Anna), little teddy bear and a kitten. 😸

Makeup Transformation

Hola my lovely readers.

I don’t know where does she seen this act. I can say that I simply don’t wear makeup when going out. Enough with the eyeliners and a lipgloss


Of course… that is my makeup kits that she played with. Now I have to hide all the makeup stuff at a higher place. Otherwise, you will be shocked when seeing her face like this :


Face palm! πŸ˜…

If I Stay

Yeay.. my third drug for the month of August 2014.


If I Stay by Gayle Forman.

This is the ebook version. Saw so many good review about this book. So I am giving a try to read it. Overall, it was a light reading. Especially for the youngsters. The plot is about Mia, who was in coma and her spirit is wandering around watching her relatives, friends and her boyfriend trying to wake her. It’s all depending on her decision, whether to stay alive and becoming an orphan (her parents had died in the accident) OR leaving the world and following her parents.

There were flashbacks that really tell us about Mia’s life. Well, the ending was kind of sad. Luckily, not much tears are wasted. Lol! Compared to The Fault in our Stars, where I got my flu until now. Aha! So dramatic!

There is a film version based on this book. I’m looking forward to watch the film. I hope the film version can somehow tearing me. Ahakz.

Oh… and there is also a second book for this book which the title is ‘Where She Went’. I haven’t found the ebook yet. Meaning…. it’s hunting time!

A piece of art

Hello lovelies…

This is what happened when DearDear took over the babysitting job.


A piece of art… A creative murals created by Amani. πŸ˜…

Too ‘rajin’ ho. Hmm..

When I discovered this on the wall, I was speechless.

Too tired to nag both of them.


The Craft Swap Project : Pin Cushion

Hello everyone!

Before Hari Raya, me and Ain had organised a craft project in our group “The Craft Project”. It was our first project since the group has been created. The main objective of the project is for an ice breaking session among the group member and at the same time to show each of the group member’s talent in crafting.


So the project was called “The Craft Swap Project”. Every group member were assigned to each partner. The project title is a ‘Pin Cushion’. Every participant required to make one Pin Cushion (freeway medium) for their assigned partner. The deadline was given for about a month for them to complete the project. After that, they need to send the pin cushion to their partners.

I also took part in this project. So here what I’ve made for my partner.


Just a simple pillow pin cushion with a daisy on top of it. πŸ˜‰

I never expected to receive an overwhelmed responsed from the members. Thanks to each of the participant for their efforts and supports. So here I will present their contributions for the project. You will be amazed by their creative creations.


Thank you Ct Rokhaida, Ain I. Anuar, Iskandar Edziah, Mass Manan, Queen Zaza, Ashikkin M. Nor, Rafidah Ahmad Moghni & Nazirah Nony. 😍


Thank you Eino Shi, Ross Mor, Nazatul Shida, Jenn Mor & Orie Momoe.

I wish in the future, we could make a craft gathering and this time we meet in person yeah? ☺️

Until our next project… see ya.


It’s approaching to 4 am and I couldn’t continue my sleep.
So I decided to update my blog, since I won’t have time for blogging in the daytimes.

What is a TBR Jar? Most of you know that I really love collecting used jar and upcycle it into a new crafty jar. As for this time, I’m using my used jar to become a TBR Jar – To Be Read Jar.

I am not sure about you…. but I always have a problem to choose what to read next after finish reading one book. I would browsed around my bookshelf and end up choosing the latest book I bought. I would feel terrible for abandoning my other ‘unread books’ 😜

There were times I need an application to help selecting a book to read. Then came an idea of this – TBR Jar which I found on the Instagram.


I can assure you it is the cheapest ‘app’ that you can get. Lol! All you need is a used jar. Decorate it with the way you like and put it on a label of ‘TBR Jar’ In short for To Be Read Jar.

the hardest part is to list down all of your unread books. Provided that you have more than 10 unread books. Lol! πŸ˜‚ My list was still ‘sikit’ lah. About 30+ unread books on the shelf. 😜 If you’re lazy to write, you can type on the list. Tear it one by one according to the book you have wrote down. Tossed all of them into the jar. Now you will have to play like a ‘lucky draw’ contest!


Pick one book title from the jar. Looks like my TBR Jar had chosen The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble for my next reading.

Happy reading everyone!

August Drug 2014

Hello hello everyone!!

I don’t know what happened to me but last weekend I’ve finished reading two books! Quite an impress! I bet my ‘hantu’ reading is back and haunted me. Lol! 😁


My first August drug. Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup. It took me so long to finish this book. Not that the story is boring, but it was because of limited of Me Time these few months. huhu. This story is interesting and adventurous. Vikas Swarup revealed the real India. What’s been happening in that country. The community, politic, culture… all were mix well in that book. You need to focus with the six characters. In the end you will find them in one place where the victim was being shot.


The second book, (ebook precisely) was The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Yeah, am a bit lagging here. I assumed everyone have read this book and now there is a movie version. Thanks to Kathy for giving me the ebook. Well, I bet you would asking me whether I cried or not. Yes. This book deserved a pond of my tears. 😭 The love story is an epic. This book made me smiles, cried and laughed at the same times. I am looking forward to watch the movie version. And get ready with the tissues. πŸ˜‚

What are you reading currently?