Hello lovelies…

During the Hari Raya visiting, I found that Amani was fascinated by Persian cat and fish. That day, we went to my aunt house. She was very stiff in the beginning towards my aunt and uncle. (anti-social syndrome 😞)


Then, after she saw my cousin’s cat she gets very excited. She told me “Ma, asuk!” (“Ma, dog!”) Lol!!! She really loves cat, but a persian cat… it was her first time seeing it so close. These picture was taken by herself.


Another pet that fascinates her that day is a fish. She always insisted on me to take a picture of the fish. It’s good to see when kids love animals.

Perhaps I should give her one pet for her birthday present this year. Still deciding whether to give her a fish or a cat…. What do you think, readers?


7 thoughts on “Fascinating…

  1. Kids! They love animals. My daughter is like that, even when she was small…but her mother doesn’t and would not allow her to have any pets. So kesian, so deprived, my poor girl.

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