Happy Posto July & August 2014

Hello lovely readers…

I would like to share with you my happy posto for the month of July and August 2014.


For the two months, My incoming mails were from Indonesia, Philipines, ukraine and Malaysia. Look At those stamps, they’re so unique and lovely.


Clockwise –
1. A postcard from Abg Fadli of mytravellicious. It was sent when he was visiting Bandung with his parent.

2. A cutie postcard from Windi of Indonesia. I chose to exchange the card because the character in that illustration pretty like me. A dreamer, lazy blogger…. lol. And look at the stash of books on the table. That also just like me. So many unread books. lol.

3. A Doraemon postcard from Dewa of Jogjakarta, Indonesia. It was originally a real photo captured by him and he printed it on a postcard paper. He is a talented photographer. In future, we are planning to swap polaroid pictures. 😀

4. Eiffel I’m in Love. ❤️ Guess where it was from? It’s from Jacob of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. 😝 Jacob is a five year old kid who loves doing postcrossing. Well, he got helped from his mother doing the mailing things.

5. Another postcard from Abg Fadli. This was from Philipines. He told me people in that area loves to eat crocodile meats. Very exotic taste, huh.

So tell me, what’s in your mailbox?


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