Howdy my lovely readers.

This week I received a mail from Ukraine. It was from my postcrossing friend Maria. She sent me a ‘DIY’ card and exchange with my postcard. I liked the illustration on that card. It’s so girl thing! 😜 She also sent me the printed Euro notes and a really vintage envelope. The envelope really reminds me of the years when people were so active in writing letters.


Indeed, that’s not the only thing that impressed me.


She made an effort to write in Malay. Cute.

I hope to receive more new incoming mail from another countries.


10 thoughts on “Postcrossing

    • Yes. I met her on the instagram before the tragedy, and agreed to exchange postcard after that. She received mine. After the tragedy, I bet her letter was on hold before it reached my mailbox. πŸ˜”

  1. Nice! This postcrossing thing sounds like the logical evolution of pen pals! I used to have a lot when I was in primary and early secondary school. πŸ™‚

    I thought that Euro 200 note was real!

    It’s not very common too, you can get 100 Euro and 500 Euro notes easily, but somehow the 200 Euro notes are rare.

    • You still can do postcrossing now. After all, just swap the postcards. No need to write long letter. lol.

      I thought it was real too in the first place. 😜

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