It’s approaching to 4 am and I couldn’t continue my sleep.
So I decided to update my blog, since I won’t have time for blogging in the daytimes.

What is a TBR Jar? Most of you know that I really love collecting used jar and upcycle it into a new crafty jar. As for this time, I’m using my used jar to become a TBR Jar – To Be Read Jar.

I am not sure about you…. but I always have a problem to choose what to read next after finish reading one book. I would browsed around my bookshelf and end up choosing the latest book I bought. I would feel terrible for abandoning my other ‘unread books’ 😜

There were times I need an application to help selecting a book to read. Then came an idea of this – TBR Jar which I found on the Instagram.


I can assure you it is the cheapest ‘app’ that you can get. Lol! All you need is a used jar. Decorate it with the way you like and put it on a label of ‘TBR Jar’ In short for To Be Read Jar.

the hardest part is to list down all of your unread books. Provided that you have more than 10 unread books. Lol! 😂 My list was still ‘sikit’ lah. About 30+ unread books on the shelf. 😜 If you’re lazy to write, you can type on the list. Tear it one by one according to the book you have wrote down. Tossed all of them into the jar. Now you will have to play like a ‘lucky draw’ contest!


Pick one book title from the jar. Looks like my TBR Jar had chosen The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble for my next reading.

Happy reading everyone!


11 thoughts on “TBR Jar

  1. That is an interesting jar. Good for it to decide for you when you are in dilemma! 🙂 I am still waiting for my new novels. Should be arriving anytime this week from an online book store. Will blog about it next week the latest. :p

    Enjoy your reading, my dear.

  2. I need one too..lately i can’t cope with reading..too little time too much to be done..my reading progress slow..even my blog is abandoned..just got time to comment on other’s post..haha..need to reorganize my daily schedule..

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