If I Stay

Yeay.. my third drug for the month of August 2014.


If I Stay by Gayle Forman.

This is the ebook version. Saw so many good review about this book. So I am giving a try to read it. Overall, it was a light reading. Especially for the youngsters. The plot is about Mia, who was in coma and her spirit is wandering around watching her relatives, friends and her boyfriend trying to wake her. It’s all depending on her decision, whether to stay alive and becoming an orphan (her parents had died in the accident) OR leaving the world and following her parents.

There were flashbacks that really tell us about Mia’s life. Well, the ending was kind of sad. Luckily, not much tears are wasted. Lol! Compared to The Fault in our Stars, where I got my flu until now. Aha! So dramatic!

There is a film version based on this book. I’m looking forward to watch the film. I hope the film version can somehow tearing me. Ahakz.

Oh… and there is also a second book for this book which the title is ‘Where She Went’. I haven’t found the ebook yet. Meaning…. it’s hunting time!

3 thoughts on “If I Stay

  1. Nice! I’ll go check the book out – I read a lot too! 🙂

    There’s a rather good TV series out now called The Strain by Guillermo del Toro (the famous director). It’s based on a book he co-wrote with Chuck Hogan and it’s about vampires, but it’s very realistic in that it portrays it as a virus that’s spreading which brings about the end of the world. The book is better than the show though.

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