Tbt : Lyric Books

“I said Hola Hola…. Hello Hello!” (currently the song from Dora the Explorer can’t get out of my system. Lol!)

It’s Throwback Thursday today!


I used to love searching for lyrics and collecting them. I would wrote down into my books. Here are my collection of lyric books. I bet some of you had this kind of hobby before. We had fun sharing and exchanging the lyrics.


As you can see, those were my favourite bands. The Manic Street Preachers, Stereophonics, Cast, Blink 182, Radiohead, Blur, Third Eye Blind, Matchbox Twenty… They are the kind of music that I listened.

Music is my best friend before. Celebrity was my boyfriend. I was a fangirl! Lol!

5 thoughts on “Tbt : Lyric Books

  1. Wahhhhh!!!! I’m way ahead of your time but we did that too – copying lyrics into a notebook – in place of signing autographs, sticking our photos and all and decorating beautifully with colourful drawings.

  2. Haha..i have the same interest..smp kinek oi..just difference nya kinek search on9..xda gik beli magazine guntin2..haha..

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