Temptation #42 : Oyster Pancake

Hello everyone!

Please don’t laugh at me. All this while I only heard and see people talking about Oyster Pancake. So last Friday night, my family had a gathering at Bukit Mata Seafood One Jaya. My sister insisted on me for trying the pancake. So ‘sakai!’ Lol!!!


There it goes. My first time on trying eating Oyster Pancake. It’s crispy and tasty. However I disliked the taste of the gravy. The smell was awful!


It was a fine dinner with my family. Amani was so excited to meet her Kakak Yaya. Hope to have another family gathering after this. 😃

14 thoughts on “Temptation #42 : Oyster Pancake

  1. Haha. Not sakai lah. At least you are adventurous to try it. I always love Kuching o-chien (as it called in Hokkien). Drier and crispier. Better than those wet and full of startch. Not nice to eat when it turned cold those wet ones.

    You just neex to get used to the sauce. But if the omelette is nice and oysters are fresh, I can just eat like that. No need any dipping.

    I must go back to Kuching and indulge myself in those oyster omelette! Missed them.

  2. I’ve tried this too last year..and it’s fasting month..the smell of the pancake is very attractive..and so is the taste..so delicious..but..i couldn’t help it..i must agree with u..the sauce tasted bad..haha..

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