Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is fine and healthy today. Thank you for dropping by my blog again. I really appreciate your time reading and leaving comments on my blog. It really made my day.


It’s my September 2014 drug. Sparkles by Louise Bagshawe. It’s my first time reading her book. I enjoyed reading this book. It is really a page turner. Her writing styles keep on remind me of Sidney Sheldons book. I gave four stars for this book.


8 thoughts on “Sparkles

  1. My girl’s birthday coming up. Going to buy books for her, dunno which to choose. She loves reading, so no need to think of buying anything else. I’m contemplating on Hour-long Journey, the new one from Amy Tan…and maybe one more.

  2. 4 out of 5? Not bad.

    I used to read Sydney Sheldons too but nowI go for varieties. As long the storylines are great, any writing would do. More into thriller, drama and suspense genre now.

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