Charms & Doodles

Hello lovely readers! 😘😘😘

I have new charms that I bought from Juicy Craft. Look at them… so cute. You can purchase some other crafts and cute stuff from Juicy Craft. 😉


You must be wondering what is the background book in that picture. It’s a doodle book I made for Amani. She asked me to draw herself with fancy doughnuts. She really liked the idea of doodling.


So I’ve turn a used notebook for her Doodles Book. (A souvenir from DearDear’s attended course). Basically I am the one who do the doodles. She would asked me to draw what’s on her mind and I just doodle them. Am not so good at drawing indeed, but I found that doing this activity with Amani is so fun. She would looked so impressed when I finished ‘doodling’.


I know her level is not up to drawing yet. So I just let her helped me colouring the doodles. As usual, her choice of colour… must be Pink! lol. Everytime she finished her ‘doodles’ I would praised her like “Nice!” “Good girl!” “Pandai Amani!” It encourages her to love drawing and holding pencils.

Yeah… Too excited and too creative to doodles on the wall. 😜 (If you have followed my previous post, you will know what I mean here. Lol!)