#tbt : My boyfriend

Hello everyone and happy Thursday!

Today I’d like to introduce to you my long time boyfriend. I’ve been loyal to him since childood. Presenting….


This is Mr. Kerokerokeroppi. I liked this character since I was in Primary 5. I remember the first time I saw him when I went to the stationery shop. I saw one ruler with Kerokerokeroppi on it. I fell in love on the spot! 😍
The throw pillow and arm pillow were given by DearDear. He knew I fancy Mr. K and so he bought these to me.


And then I tried to searched and collected items which has Keroppi face on it. Back on that time, this character was not very popular in Malaysia. I’ve tried to stop collecting its stuff when I had passed on my teenage. However, my family and my friend kept on giving me froggy items as presents. When they went somewhere else and spot on the froggy items, they would automatically thought on me. It’s like my trademark as they told me.

I guessed we are destined to be forever. I won’t mind if people will laugh at me someday… when I’m old and still fancying Mr. Kerokeroppi. Lol😝