Family vacation Part II

Hello everyone!

I am going to continue our journey from Pontian to Johor Bahru (JB). Before going ahead to JB, my father in law showed me his old house, school and some places he grew up. If I’m not mistaken, the name of the place is Kukup. We also visited his uncle’s house and after that heading straight away to JB.


We arrived in JB at Round 7pm. There were not much I can see because it’s already dark. We could only see the city with beautiful lights.. And then we stopped by the small bay to eat Wak Steamboat. I love the ideas of this stall. Haven’t seen it in Sarawak at the moment. As you can see, from the stall, we could see Singapore across the sea. How I wish I could go to Singapore during the trip. We didn’t, due to my parents in-law whom was planning the trip. Hopefully, one day I can go to Singapore. Well, from where I stand to take the picture, I could only whispered “Hello, neighbour!” 😊


We stayed overnight at my father in-law’s sister house. Early in the morning, we started our journey again and visited his two other sisters. Lastly, we met my friend who was also a Sarawakian, but working in Johor. It’s been awhile since I met Akma. Although it was only a short meeting, I felt really happy to see her. Till we meet again, sister. 😚


Around 3 pm we started our journey going to Melaka. My father in-law insisted on using the village road, instead of using highway. In that case, I got to see some places in Johor. We also stopped by at Air Hitam.

Air Hitam is look likes a Serikin to me. Mini shopping heaven for people like me. I bought some ‘kerepek’ from Johor and not forgetting the English Rose Mugs. 😂 Can’t help it! RM2 for each mug. How can you resist it? Lol! I also bought some Johor Signature T-shirt for souvenirs. My mother in-law ‘borong’ some veggies. The price were very very cheap compared to our place. Hehe.

After spending some time at Air Hitam, my brother in-law started driving to Melaka. We also stayed overnight in Melaka. Please come back, for our Melaka trip. 😀

See ya. ✋😉


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