Family Vacation Part IV – Zoo Negara

Moshi moshi minasan! ☺️

I’m back on my family vacation, and now we’re back in Kuala Lumpur. We stayed at my mother in-law’s sister house. The house is situated just near the Zoo Negara, Malaysia.

Therefore, we’ve made a plan to visit Zoo Negara. It’d been my childhood dream of going to the zoo. I know that my parent couldn’t afford to bring us to go there before, so I just kept my dream as a wish.


Then, this lucky girl fulfill my wish. If it does not because of her, I would never come to Zoo Negara. We arrived around noon and the place was packed with people. The ticket was so pricey. Most probably because it was school holiday, they had doubled the price. Our first stop is the Butterfly Farm. There are so many different species of butterflies that you can find in there. Unfortunately, neither one of it would want to perch on our hands. Unlike my parent in-law and my brother in-law, the butterflies love them I guessed.


And then we walked along the Bird Aviary. There are so many bird species you can see at the very close range. Can you see the green egg on the picture? It was an Emu’s egg. I thought it was a stone in the first place. Lol! There is a realy big bird sitting, which I wasn’t sure what type of it. It looks like an ostrich, but it has a blue, red colour…. Yeah, saw the name on the signboard but I have forgotten it now. Lol! I think it was a cassowary.


Amani loves the idea of doodling the giraffe, without knowing or seeing the animal for real. So that day, she was so lucky to see the giraffe in real. She was so excited! It was my first time too. I found that the giraffe was so beautiful. We also got to see the lions, tigers, tapirs, deers, and white tiger. The white tiger (Bangal Tiger) was so scary to see. It looked so fierce and watching us from it’s place. Amani told me she was scared to see that animal. huhu.


Maybe, cows are common for me. I grew up seeing cow everyday. But not for Amani. It was her first time seeing it real close. She even fed the cows to eat. I was impressed to see the Indian Bison. It look so ‘masculine’? Lol! We also got to see the hyppos. Really really a ‘badak berendam’ . Ahaha. The elephants were interesting to see. When we approached the elephants, Amani started to sing her nursery song. It sounds like this:

“Gajah berkaki empat, gelek gelek gelek!”

To our astonishment, one of the elephant started to swing it’s body left and right. Looks liked it was dancing! When we snap a picture of it, it stoped dancing. What a clever animal! We really enjoyed the show. Hehe.


Our last stop is the aquariums. There you get to see so many big fish. Looks unbelievable but they were extremely big! And the penguins too… I bet you are asking me where is Panda? For your information, the ticket to watch PAndas are different rate with the normal ticket. So we just bought the normal ticket instead. No Panda, no meaning going to the zoo? Nevermind, I still can take a picture with the balloon panda. Lol!

There were many places we skipped. I really couldn’t stand to carry Amani. She had a limit to walk. When she’s tired of walking, she would want us to carry her. Aiyoo… heavy ah. 😝 We took a rest at the cafe. Amani was having her pink ice-cream which cost RM6! While mama had the big portion of cendol with ice-cream! Never mind the pricey, it was a self reward for myself! 😜

That’s all for our Zoo Negara trip. I hope you find it enjoyable reading. Stay tune for more stories after this. Ciao! 😘


10 thoughts on “Family Vacation Part IV – Zoo Negara

  1. Wow, you guys had a wonderful vacation and this was fun to read along with your journey! How far is this part of Malaysia from your home? It’s so fun to be a tourist in your own country, isn’t it? 🙂 I saw giraffes in real life once, at a Canadian zoo. And ever since then, they’ve been my favourite animal too 🙂 ❤ ❤

    • It is at the Peninsular Malaysia. It takes one hour and forty five minutes flying from my hometown. Yeah, it was so much fun. I begin to love giraffes too. 😀

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