Infused Water

Hello lovelies!

How are you today?

Have you tried Infused Water?

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I bet some of you have seen my pictures of Infused Water in Facebook and Instagram. I’ve been trying drinking it about two weeks. Since then, it really works! I lose one kilo after drinking it daily for one week.

The above picture is the mixture of Lemon, Cucumber and Cinnamon. Cinnamon is good for athritis person, like me.


Most of the times I made this. Lemon, Cucumber and Lime. This is good if you have problem with water weight, bloating, hydration and digestion. I’m one of the many people who have these kind of symptoms. Therefore, I focused on these three best friends. A lemon infused water is the easiest and the most refreshing to make, lemons are a natural slimming aid and cleanser the liver. The lemons release the flavours immediately.

(Image source: Pinterest)

Here, I’m sharing with you some other flavours and benefits from drinking infused water. Easy, right? Why not produce your own infused water?

October Small SAL 2014

Hi everyone!

Finally I’ve managed to fill the month with stitching for the Small SAL. I mean, really stitch a bigger size than my previous work. Lol.


Tada! My blooming irises! Got this kit from my aunt when I was visiting her in KL last month. It is so lovely, compared to the cross stitch kit that can be found in Kuching. How I wish to buy so many quality cross stitch kits, not bothering on the expensive price.

Please visit to the Small SAL link to see other participants’ stitch project. Till then.. bye!

Fancy Patch

Hi everyone! Good morning sunshine! 🌞


What can you guess by looking at the picture above? It looks like a sticker pasted by Amani, right? Too cute to hesitate. They are actually a mosquitoe repellant patch. Gotcha! 😜


They comes in a box, with 10 patches inside. Each of the patch has a protective film. Just peel off the film, and then attach to a location close to our body. It can be attached to the inside of your trouser/skirt, shirt, socks or even at the edge of a bed. It is safe for infants and kids!

Amani is a very ‘mosquito friendly’ (lol!). Thanks to these fancy patches that I can bring anywhere. I brought this along during our vacation in Peninsular Malaysia before. No more worry of the mosquitoe bites anymore.

In case you are wondering where did I buy the Mozzie Patch, I bought them at Guardian Pharmacy. For those who have a baby or kids, this product is highly recommended to you. 😉

p/s: This is not a paid post. Just sharing some good product with you. 😊


Hello everyone!

Today is the fifth day I’ve been quarantine from going outside. Sometimes, I feel like taking a confinement leave. Lol!


Actually, it is Amani who needed to be quarantine. She had a chickenpox since last Thursday. She’s okay and had no high fever. Luckily, she didn’t get so cranky like some kids. She’s still active but clingy. She needed me to be by her side 24 hours. huhu. I am fully prepared to this kind of situation, compared to previous years. Probably because I had facing similar experienced like this time. Remember Amani had HFMD twice? Well, lesson learned…


Now, the problem (To me, it’s more like a problem… hehe) is that both of us got bored. Locked in the house, day til night… I think I have remembered al the lines in Amani’s cartoons. Lol!

Well, since she was so active eventhough she is sick, I tried to give her some exercise. Kind of a homeschooling activity. Therefore, she wouldn’t get bored as well.

Now, another problem face by Mama. She is craving to go shopping! Lol!

More drugs coming

Hello everyone! I hope you you have a fine weekend.

Do you prefer buying books from online or browsing through the contents at the bookstore? If I have to choose either one, I will prefer buying from online shop. I found that, the online shops always offer great price. Much more cheaper than the bookstore.

Therefore I found one website that sells book online. NoQ – Online Bookstore. There were various types of book including children books. So let’s see what I got from the store.


I love the packaging. With this, it wouldn’t ruin my books.


Teng tedeng!!! That’s our drugs. Bought one fiction book for myself and two children books for Amani.


The moment after I unwrapped the package, she saw the Frozen book and she gets very excited! Another birthday gifts for her.


Hopefully she will become a book junkie like her Mama. hehe. So that I will have a loyal companion to go the book fair in future. Lol!

p/s: Somebody please tell me about the NoQ status. Are they closing for good? So sad to hear the news.

#tbt : A Little Brown Notebook

Hi everyone!

I used to love collecting notebooks. I have so many of them, but I didn’t write any on them. Just love to have those fancy books.


This is one of them. This book is a birthday gift from my sister. It was my 20th birthday’s. Few years back, and I still keeping it. There are some exerpts of Women’s Classic Stories in it. One of them, is my all time favourite from the book of Emma. I also love to quote some nice wordings from books that I read. Instead of highlighting it in the book, I copied them into this book.

Well, I guess that’s it for Throwback Thursday. Ciao! 😊


Hello friends and readers…

How are you doing today? Hopefully, there’ll be no more dragging the Monday blues. Hehe.


Last Sunday, I’ve tried to put Amani into an evening nap. However, she was so much sugar rush and didn’t want to sleep at all. So I took her downstairs and started gardening. Yeah, I taught her how to plant a cactus. Indeed, I was changing my cactus into a bigger pot. Most of them had grown bigger, and needed a bigger space. Yeah… love it!

Since I don’t have a proper gardening tools (yet! 😜), so I borrowed Amani’s sand castle tools. Lol! In fact, they’re so fancy and she thought we were just playing around. Hehe.

Next project: Veggies planting. (Had to ask Kathy, for more tips on this project) 😁 Ciao!

Amani and her new pet

Hello everyone!

How much Upin & Ipin’s has influenced my daughter? They are her inspiration. I guessed every kids who watched Upin & Ipin really wanted their life so much like the twins.

Recently, after watching the series “Kail dan Laga”, she wanted a fish. Ikan laga (fighting fish), precisely! Lol! So we went to the pet shop. Let herself choose the fish. She told me she wanted to have a pink fish. Sigh~


Hi there little fella! she chosed the fish herself. Looks like she was fascinated with the beautiful fish. However, whenever the fish look at her, she’ll scream! Lol!


Look what I’ve found at the pet shop. The ‘I Love U’ fish!!! Aren’t they are so unique? I was amazed to see the fish. It lips looks like it wore lipstick! And the body, look carefully… The heart shape! And some of it has ‘I Love U’ printed on its body. Amazing, right?

#tbt : Keychains

Hello Thursday!

Thursday means, Throwback Thursday!


Remember when these kind of keychains were so in trend before? And we were so eager to show them to our schoolmates and friends. Anyone who got this keychain, considered very special!

The orange wooden keychain I got it from my cousin. They had a family trip to Langkawi. She bought me one. The guitar keychain I bought it from Serikin. It only cost RM5 at that time.

Well, I’m sure you also had one kind of this keychain. Mind to share the picture with me? 😊