Family Vacation Part V – Cameron Highlands

Moshi moshi!

As promised, I would like to share with you the most memorable trip I had for the last two week. It was none in our plan that we were going to Cameron Highlands.

Early in the morning, DearDear woke me up and asked me to get ready. I asked him, where are we going? He told me “we’re going to Ipoh. Cik (his uncle) have some work to do in Ipoh, so he bring us along. Get ready faster, others are waiting outside” Oh my. My body still feel the ached from the Zoo trip and the night after that we were wandered around the ‘uptown’ until 2 am. It made me think, when were these townies had time for sleeping? So I dragged myself to get ready as fast as I can, including preparing the milk, flusk and some clothes for Amani. Want to know a secret? Amani didn’t took a shower that day. The whole day! Lol!


From KL to Ipoh, we drove along and had a pit stop at Pak Tam’s for breakfast. Look at Amani, still wearing her pajama outfit. Lol! My tummy couldn’t accept heavy food that morning. So I didn’t finish my breakfast meal.


We arrived in Ipoh around 10 am. While waiting for DearDear’s uncle to settle his job, we wandered around Ipoh town and headed to Tambun. Have you ever heard of The Lost World of Tambun? We only took pictures at the front entrance and bought some souvenirs. It wasn’t suitable for a short trip. At least stay overnight, then it is worthier going to this kind of place. Never mind, added to my travel wishlist. Hehe.


At 11.30am, DearDear’s uncle drove us to the Cameron Higlands. I just love the view all the way to Cameron. The fresh and green view, the wild orchids were beautifully along the roadside. We stopped at the Strawberry farm for praying. While waiting for others, Amani had a photoshoot with her new Princess Umbrella. Hehe. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a strawberry season. The strawberries were still green. Not much we could see though.


We continued the journey to Brinchang. It is a commercial town with many hotels, shophouses, restaurants, food courts and here you can buy souvenirs, cactuses, flowers, veggies etc. After having lunch at the food court, the rain poured heavily. The pouring rain feels like ice. So cold.

So we arrived at the main point. The Cameron Valley. Once you came here, you must have at least a cup of tea and enjoying the beautiful view of the tea valley. Well, we ordered glasses of tea. Lol! I was lucky enough to have a seat near the balcony. It was so mesmerizing….


Luckily the rain had stopped. We went down to the tea farm and get a closer look at the tea trees. I have falling in love with this place on the spot. I love the fresh air that we breathed in. I love the greenie views. I love the peaceful sound. I love everything about this place. 😍 This is certainly for a tea lover. Sorry, coffee lover. 😜


Before going back, we went to the Tea House’s shop and bought some souvenirs. I managed to grab a few flavour of teas and a cutie mug for myself. Hehe. 😝 Oh, there was one plant that caught our attention. The hanging upside down flower. We found at the Brinchang people were selling this flower’s fritters. It tasted like fried aspsragus. I have no idea of the name of this flower. My mother in-law told me it is called Bunga Sundal. Perhaps this is what people call Bunga Sundal Malam. Any ideas?


It was sad to leave this place. Especially when it had captured your heart. I certainly will go to Cameron Higlands again in the future. I’ll make sure to visit the Lavender Farm, Flower Garden and Cactus Valley next time. Those were places that I didn’t visit for that day trip. Well, we had to get going back to KL before it’s getting dark.

So long Cameron Higlands! It was my most memorable trip so far. I leave you with my favourite picture that I took that day before leaving the place. It reminds me of The Beatles’s song “Strawberry Fields Forever” πŸ“

Till then, bye!

11 thoughts on “Family Vacation Part V – Cameron Highlands

  1. Such a beautiful place to visit. Thank you for sharing your trip. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    I appreciate your visit to my blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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