Floral Friday – Garden Flowers

I know it’s Saturday, and I’m late for a Floral Friday post. 😏

The theme is ‘Garden Flowers’


My home doesn’t have a proper garden. Only a small backyard but no flowers are blooming this month. I longed for my hydrangeas to bloom, however they are not. Looks like we are having a rainy season now. The weather made me prefer to stay at home and doing some craft project instead of going outside.


These are flowers from in front of my home. Thanks to the red hibiscus for adding some colours to the little garden. There were Euphorbia (I googled for the name. 😜) too which has no specific season to bloom.

**This is a blog hop. You may click to this link and hop over to other bloggers who participate in Floral Friday. ☺️

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy reading my post for today. Ciao! 😘


6 thoughts on “Floral Friday – Garden Flowers

  1. Hello Azura
    Oh the Hibiscus is a beautiful flower and blooms for such a long time!
    That’s such a sweet photo of you and your little daughter.
    Wishing you a happy weekend Azura.

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