Overnight Oatmeals

Hi friends and readers. How are you feeling today?

Have you take your breakfast today? Speaking of breakfast, I would like to share with you how was my overnight oatmeals project went on.

So I’ve been making the overnight oatmeals like trial and error. I only made them during weekend.


Overnight oatmeals with strawberry and ground nuts. The look is so presentable. Yeah, in case you are wondering… the strawberries were from Cameron Highlands.


The second attempt is Overnight oatmeals with oranges and tablet candies. It added sweet and sour taste to my oatmeals. Ahak… I stole some candies from Amani. I kind of like the sweet taste blend in my oats.


The third attempt is Overnight oatmeals with dates and music cubes from Munchys. After tasting the candies in my oats, I was tend to like my sweet oatmeals. Therefore, for this time I’ve added dates from Mecca. The taste? Superb!

Now tell me, how do you prefer your oatmeals taste like? Do you prefer it to taste like sweet? Or sour? or… Salty? Hehe.


13 thoughts on “Overnight Oatmeals

  1. That’s nice. You know what, overnight oats with orange (taste weird)..ahah I don’t like it. I have seen people making savory oatmeal but just not my cup of tea.hhaaha

  2. I like mine warm, so zap mine in the microwave. I use plain oats and water, when cooked add a little honey, then add extra fibre LSA meal, and a few spoons greek yogurt to give it a Tart nutty sweetness, very thick YUM

  3. I like it both sweet and salty. Hehe. You are sure hardworking in making the overnight oats. I “hangat-hangat tahi ayam”, made it twice or thrice a week. So now you know why I still not losing those fat! ^^

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