Princess’s Birthday

Hello everyone!


Yeah, it’s my little princess’s birthday today. Happy Birthday sweetie! Today she turns three. People always thought she was 5 years old. Well, nope. She’s three. 😜


No celebration for her today. We’ve postponed it until next week because DearDear is outstation. Well, it doesn’t stop her from receiving her birthday presents. Ok, there’s little Emir in the picture as well. He will turn one years old this coming Tuesday. So Happy Birthday to Emir too!


And.. not forgetting to wish a Happy Birthday to my dearest friend and business partner : Ain 😊 Whom sharing the same birthday with Amani. They’re October babies! I am surrounded by many October babies, including DearDear, my mother in law, nephews, cousins and friends. How do I find their character? October baby seems to be super hyper active, talkative and fun to be with! Lol!


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