Book Junkie is back

Hello lovelies…

Thank you for my daughter’s birthday wishes. She is now busied with her new princess’ house. It’s a doll house, our present for her. I’ll mAke sure to write about it someday.


October seems to be my crazy day. I am back to my addiction. This is my bookhaul from the Big Bad Wolf, Seremban. No, I didn’t go there. As usual, my friend bought them for me. Saw the ads on fb, so text her instantly. Luckily she managed to grab those book. Thank you, Fara! 😘

Now I have a complete series of The Hunger Games. That means, I have two copies of the first book. I think I’m going to let go one of them. Let’s see anyone want to buy it from me? The Hush Hush saga, looks like a completed series. No it’s not. The second book is still missing, Cresendo. Never mind, am going to hunt it on another book fair. Hehe.


I also bought this Malay urban book from MPH Bookstore. Saw the review was good, so I bought it without a second thinking. The plot was more like a Prison Break and Shawshank Redemption, only the setting was in Malaysia. Thumbs up for the young writer!

There is another book I bought from Popular Bookstore. Peony in love by Lisa See. Somehow, I didn’t take a picture of it. I’ve already added the title into my TBR Jar. i wonder when it is the time to read the book. Hehe.


After finished reading Lolos Penjara, so I pick one title from my TBR Jar. Perfecto! It’s Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. I’m not cheating yeah…. Hehe. So, this is my current read. I’m not stuck in the ‘angel world’ Hehe. Yeah, I keep on fantasise on the Charmed series and Supernatural Series… where there were fallen angel characters on it. Same goes to Hush Hush.

Alright then, I think I heard the fallen angel is calling me. Till then lovelies… Xoxo.


15 thoughts on “Book Junkie is back

  1. I didnt buy any books this month. Just catch up on the books I ordered last month. Now into “The Lucky One” by Nicholas Sparks.

    Ok. Once I finish my current read I may get that Hush Hush. My kind of genre.

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