More drugs coming

Hello everyone! I hope you you have a fine weekend.

Do you prefer buying books from online or browsing through the contents at the bookstore? If I have to choose either one, I will prefer buying from online shop. I found that, the online shops always offer great price. Much more cheaper than the bookstore.

Therefore I found one website that sells book online. NoQ – Online Bookstore. There were various types of book including children books. So let’s see what I got from the store.


I love the packaging. With this, it wouldn’t ruin my books.


Teng tedeng!!! That’s our drugs. Bought one fiction book for myself and two children books for Amani.


The moment after I unwrapped the package, she saw the Frozen book and she gets very excited! Another birthday gifts for her.


Hopefully she will become a book junkie like her Mama. hehe. So that I will have a loyal companion to go the book fair in future. Lol!

p/s: Somebody please tell me about the NoQ status. Are they closing for good? So sad to hear the news.


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