Hello everyone!

Today is the fifth day I’ve been quarantine from going outside. Sometimes, I feel like taking a confinement leave. Lol!


Actually, it is Amani who needed to be quarantine. She had a chickenpox since last Thursday. She’s okay and had no high fever. Luckily, she didn’t get so cranky like some kids. She’s still active but clingy. She needed me to be by her side 24 hours. huhu. I am fully prepared to this kind of situation, compared to previous years. Probably because I had facing similar experienced like this time. Remember Amani had HFMD twice? Well, lesson learned…


Now, the problem (To me, it’s more like a problem… hehe) is that both of us got bored. Locked in the house, day til night… I think I have remembered al the lines in Amani’s cartoons. Lol!

Well, since she was so active eventhough she is sick, I tried to give her some exercise. Kind of a homeschooling activity. Therefore, she wouldn’t get bored as well.

Now, another problem face by Mama. She is craving to go shopping! Lol!


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