Fancy Patch

Hi everyone! Good morning sunshine! 🌞


What can you guess by looking at the picture above? It looks like a sticker pasted by Amani, right? Too cute to hesitate. They are actually a mosquitoe repellant patch. Gotcha! 😜


They comes in a box, with 10 patches inside. Each of the patch has a protective film. Just peel off the film, and then attach to a location close to our body. It can be attached to the inside of your trouser/skirt, shirt, socks or even at the edge of a bed. It is safe for infants and kids!

Amani is a very ‘mosquito friendly’ (lol!). Thanks to these fancy patches that I can bring anywhere. I brought this along during our vacation in Peninsular Malaysia before. No more worry of the mosquitoe bites anymore.

In case you are wondering where did I buy the Mozzie Patch, I bought them at Guardian Pharmacy. For those who have a baby or kids, this product is highly recommended to you. πŸ˜‰

p/s: This is not a paid post. Just sharing some good product with you. 😊


9 thoughts on “Fancy Patch

  1. Wow! Even mozzie patches can be so cute. Haha. Lucky my baby is not mozzie friendly so he didnt have much problem there. But I do hate those red bumps on his skin when there is a bite.

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