Infused Water

Hello lovelies!

How are you today?

Have you tried Infused Water?

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I bet some of you have seen my pictures of Infused Water in Facebook and Instagram. I’ve been trying drinking it about two weeks. Since then, it really works! I lose one kilo after drinking it daily for one week.

The above picture is the mixture of Lemon, Cucumber and Cinnamon. Cinnamon is good for athritis person, like me.


Most of the times I made this. Lemon, Cucumber and Lime. This is good if you have problem with water weight, bloating, hydration and digestion. I’m one of the many people who have these kind of symptoms. Therefore, I focused on these three best friends. A lemon infused water is the easiest and the most refreshing to make, lemons are a natural slimming aid and cleanser the liver. The lemons release the flavours immediately.

(Image source: Pinterest)

Here, I’m sharing with you some other flavours and benefits from drinking infused water. Easy, right? Why not produce your own infused water?


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