Lola updates

Hola! How’s everyone?

I’m sorry for being in a silent mode for these few days. I just couldn’t put things into words. Writer blocked? Well, I’m not a writer. Am just a lazy blogger. Hehe. 😁

Well, weekend is here. I love weekend because I get to spend my morning time by watching my babies outside. And then, I would take some nature pictures. I guessed plants are beautiful in the morning. Don’t you guys think so?


Do you still remember Lola? Bought her when it was this small. Cute…


Now, look at her new look. Still cute, though. Hehe. I’ve transfered Lola into a bigger pot. I hope you won’t find me weird. I like to give their names. They are babies to me. ☺️


Last week, Amani and her friends had a telematch at their school. Parent were also invited to join.


It was so cute to see the little ones queing up and had fun running here and there. Amani took part in carrying a ball in a spoon. Look at her, so ‘lenggang-lenggok’ instead of running. Lol!


The third match, Amani took part in filling the empty bottles by squeezing the sponge. Again, she was so ‘lenggang-lenggok’ walking towards the line. Well, I don’t blame her because me myself has no talent in sport. Ahaha. Me and DearDear also took part in the telematch. So the three of us had won three hampers. Yeah!

Kiddies Trip

Hello everyone!

Last Saturday, I have joined a trip organised by Amani’s school. It was a fun trip. Parents, kids and teachers were all getting along together.


First we went to the Planetarium Sultan Iskandar, at Civic Centre. It was also my first experience went to that place. Amani was excited to watch the show. Especially the stars and the galaxy. Unfortunately, we were forbid to take picture during the show. I told DearDear, it could be her training before we bring her to go the cinema someday. Lol!


And then we were heading to the museum. Um… no comment towards the picture. 😜 Some of the sections in the museum were under renovation, there were not much for the kids to see.


Our final destination was the Jong Crocodile Farm. Another my first time went to that place. They also have other animals such as monkeys, birds, turtles, squirrels… etc. There you had a chance to see so many species of crocodiles. From the small sizes to the biggest one. We didn’t finish the tour, as Amani get cranky in the middle of the tour. I think she was extremely exhausted and sleepy at the same time. We were tired too, so did the kids.

Enjoy your weekend! ☺️

Belated Birthday

Hello lovelies!


Last week I bought a mini Hello Kitty cake for Amani. She wasn’t awared of the surprises at first. When we reached home, DearDear and I started to lit the candles. Three candles.. yeap.. three years old.


Look at the face. So excited to see the cake was for her. Before this, she’d been watching the Upin Ipin cartoon “Hari Istimewa” (Upin Ipin’s birthday) everyday. Like giving a hint that she haven’t blow the candles this year. Lol!

She was so happy and loved the Hello Kitty cake. Happy Belated Birthday munchkin! Mmuwah. xoxo.

Book fair challenge!

Hello everyone! 😊

I’ve received an email from The Hills management about the activity that will be held on November and December 2014.

Well, well… this adverts surely attract my attention.


If book lovers in Peninsular can go craaazy over Big Bad Wolf Sales, we in Kuching can also get excited with this event! The annually second hand book fair. 😹

As for this year, I have made a strategy before going to the book fair. It’s more like a challenge for me not to grab any books and stash them into a basket. Lol! So I’ve written down the list of ‘Books that I have on my shelf’ and ‘Books that I want to buy’. The second strategy is, to bring ‘not quite enough’ money. I know I will regret about this later, but if I’m not doing this, I’ll tend to buy more than the books on the list. I still have over 20 unread books on the shelf which I bought from the book fair previous years ago. Sigh~


So last night I went to The Hills. Tada! I made it! All of these books cost only RM52! 😍 Well done, Azura!

Love grows

Hello lovelies ❤️❤️❤️

Remember this cactus?


It used to be my new cactus after the one that had died. Before I learned how to take care of cactuses. I bought this one as a replacement. This is Rilo. Remember? Now… look at Rilo after seven months…


It’s growing up! When I see that it size couldn’t fit the original pot, so I transfered it into a bigger pot. Your new home, Rilo. 😁