Second hand books

Hello everyone!


Looks like a grocery list to you? Nah… that’s my book hunting list. Lol!

More books to hunt, that means more books to let go.


I’m planning to let go these books. Sell or swap. Can contact me if you’re interested.


1. A long long sleep – Anna Sheehan
2. The Hunger Games -Suzanne Collins
3. The Reading Group – Elizabeth Noble
4. Wanita Kimono Merah – Syafie Mahyan

Interested? Contact me. 😊


9 thoughts on “Second hand books

  1. Wahhhhh!!!! So many books lined up! A die-hard bookworm, eh? My girl’s like that too. Just last night, she was grumbling away – did not get the chance to drop by Popular this weekend. Books, that’s all she spends on.

  2. Now no time to read. Haha. Last book I read was last week. Wait till I am back to Kuching. Good idea. Maybe we can swap books. We must meet up on day, bring our books and have a drink.

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