Loom Band Addiction

Hello friends a d readers!


Would you believe me, if I tell you I didn’t know how to make a loom band before? Yeah, that’s a confession! I’m a crafter, and I didn’t know how to use the loom tools. Lol!


Not until last week, when I had to stayed at home and babysit Amani. I feel bored, and then the idea of making loom bands came to mind. Luckily I had bought some bands including the loom. I tried to search from the internet on how to make a bracelet. After successfully making the first attempt, I tried to make another one… and another… and it goes on until I’d finished the bands. I never knew it was so addictive! Lol!


9 thoughts on “Loom Band Addiction

  1. Oh no! You too! Few fb friends also crazy into this loom. I saw it in one of the supermarkets last week and so tempted to buy. But worry hangat-hangat tahi ayam so I did not buy in the end. Haha.

    Maybe I am going to get it. For my girl to design during school holiday. Is it easy to make??

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