tbt: Cassettes

Hello friends and readers!

Throwback Thursday!


Before the CD era… People are fond of making cassettes collection. I bet people nowadays are hard to find these on the rack. Especially new kids and youngsters. I’m not sure whether they knows how is this thing functioning. Lol!


So these are my favourite collections. By that time, the cassette cost RM14 and above each. For me that cost can save me for a lunch at KFC! Sometimes, I got jealous with my friends who could afford to buy every album from their favourite artists. 😅 But I would saved for the best.

My all time favourites are : Radiohead, Space, Supernaturals, Stereophonics, The Manic Street Preachers, Coldplay, Prodigy, Goo Goo Dolls, Collective Soul, OAG, Sheila On 7, Nirvana, Semisonics and some various artistes.

Those are my kind of musics… 😉


8 thoughts on “tbt: Cassettes

  1. I remember those cassettes. Uses to listen from them. Bought my very first cassettes from nkotb. Hehe. And Jacky Cheung, the famous Hong Kong singer. Then cds came and I no longer bought cassettes. I dont think there was any left at home. All thrown away by my mum when move.

  2. wow.. those were the days yeah.. and i wanted to tell you that your postcard from Cameron Highland has reached me yesterday.. thank you so much.. 😀
    hope you can drop by SG next time.. happy weekends to u

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