Book fair challenge!

Hello everyone! 😊

I’ve received an email from The Hills management about the activity that will be held on November and December 2014.

Well, well… this adverts surely attract my attention.


If book lovers in Peninsular can go craaazy over Big Bad Wolf Sales, we in Kuching can also get excited with this event! The annually second hand book fair. 😹

As for this year, I have made a strategy before going to the book fair. It’s more like a challenge for me not to grab any books and stash them into a basket. Lol! So I’ve written down the list of ‘Books that I have on my shelf’ and ‘Books that I want to buy’. The second strategy is, to bring ‘not quite enough’ money. I know I will regret about this later, but if I’m not doing this, I’ll tend to buy more than the books on the list. I still have over 20 unread books on the shelf which I bought from the book fair previous years ago. Sigh~


So last night I went to The Hills. Tada! I made it! All of these books cost only RM52! 😍 Well done, Azura!

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