Last week, Amani and her friends had a telematch at their school. Parent were also invited to join.


It was so cute to see the little ones queing up and had fun running here and there. Amani took part in carrying a ball in a spoon. Look at her, so ‘lenggang-lenggok’ instead of running. Lol!


The third match, Amani took part in filling the empty bottles by squeezing the sponge. Again, she was so ‘lenggang-lenggok’ walking towards the line. Well, I don’t blame her because me myself has no talent in sport. Ahaha. Me and DearDear also took part in the telematch. So the three of us had won three hampers. Yeah!


6 thoughts on “Telematch

  1. That’s so nice! 🙂

    Having the parents join sounds like a lot of fun! I remember the telematches I had during primary school too, there was a plank that requires three people to walk on and a game where we had to melt a block the ice the fastest.

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