Hello everyone.

I know some of you really looking forward for the weekends. Not forgetting me. I love having our quality times during weekend.

Not everytime. Sigh~ Sometimes, I wish weekend is over so that I can escape from the stress. Stress during weekends?

Yes. Especially when you are on your own, facing the kid. DearDear is outstation and it left me juggling the everyday routine with Amani. Weekdays are over and now come the weekends.

Yesterday she’d been super active and naughty. She threw things, played with my buttons, running here and there without shirt, peed on the bed and the last thing she did was…. shaking the aquarium. The water spilled all over the floor. Oh dear….

And I was like…. $&@//-:##{%>€~\[{%€£’!!!!


O’ Allah, please give strength!