Frozen and us….

Let it go… Let it go…

Hello lovely friends… and dearly readers (including my silent readers… you know who you are. 😘)

So I’ve been bragging about the Popular Mega Bookfair located at City One Shopping Mall. After selling some ‘pantun’ to DearDear, he agreed to go. So we went to City One on Friday.

Well, it was not as great as I imagined. The fiction sections only have like 4 tables. Most of the books didn’t caught my attention. Most of it offers 25% for each book, with purchased of other item. So frustrated!

In the end, I only managed to grab 4 books. Will update about it soon.


On the way to the bookfair section, we met the Frozen casts. Amani get to meet Olaf and Sven. Hehe. So Olaf is shorter than Amani. Lol.


We also met Elsa, Anna, Kristov and Prince Hans. Yeah, Mama got to meet Prince Hans. I know I know, he’s a villain in the movie. Aren’t girls always fall in love with the bad guy? That’s what happened to Princess Anna in the first place. Lol! Ok, enough about me and the bad boy.

Amani really excited got to meet her idols. Eventhough they are not real person. I can imagine how happy she was and it’s like a dream come true.

“All my life has been series of doors in my face, and then suddenly I bump into you…”