Chilling Tuesday?

Hello everyone. How are you during this cold season? It’s raining season in Malaysia. I bet everybody would choose to spend their times indoor instead of going outside.

Raining or on a hot sunny day… I will always love to eat ice-cream. I guess everyone does. 😊


Tell me who doesn’t love ice-cream? Then I can say you are categorize into an abnormal person. 🙊 Last Sunday, me and Amani had vanilla ice-cream (with cherry, sprinkles with chocolate rice and peanuts) at All Joy, Wisma Seberkas. I would always choose vanilla flavour. Amani love peanuts and the chocolate rice. That’s her treat for behaving nice during the shopping.


Now let’s see the expression when you’re indulging the ice-cream. 😆 That’s how you must look like. Yes? No? Hehe. Ok, I think Amani is a little bit over here. Sugar rush after that… 😜