A touch of Rhenda

πŸ’– Hiya lovelies!

If you have seen the wedding gifts of Ain’s wedding, well I’m proudly announced that it is one of the Rhenda project.


Some of you might have seen this picture from my instagram and fb account. This is the ring bearer and the Mas Kahwin’s (dowry) frame. Finally, I could decorate the bicycle as the ring bearer. 🚲


Here are the rest of the gifts. Look at the white orchids, aren’t they so lovely with the peach pearl beads? It’s used to be my wish, to use Orchids as my wedding flower. Now, I’m more than happy to decorate the Orchids for my best friend’s wedding.

Hope on to Rhenda website to look for more design and services. Thank you! xoxo.

Congrats Ain!

Hello lovelies ❀️


It’s a wedding season! And one of my girl is getting married last weekend. Congratulations Ain & hubby. You look beautiful like a princess!


We took the chance to gather a small reunion among my two ex colleagues – Ratna & Angelia. That’s us, wefie together. It’s not easy to meet again after this.

Garden Fairy

Hello lovelies!

Last weekend, me and Amani went outside my house and did some fun activity. It was our favourite times together. Gardening! While I was planting, I let her do some helping, that is watering the plants.


Shoefie first, getting ready to do the task.


Here is my garden fairy. She really loves the job. Well, who doesn’t? Given a permission to play with water. Now is the time!


And didn’t want her picture to be taken by me. I told her to do some pose with the watering can, instead she runs! 😜

Beautiful decorations…


Saw some of my friends posting about the Christmas decorations at their place. I always love to see the decorations for this coming festive season.


This is the entrance of The Spring Shopping Mall. How lovely the hanging lights are.


And this is the tallest Christmas tree at The Spring. It’s charming isn’t it. I bought magic wands for Amani and Yaya. They were so excited to play around with the lighting effects everywhere.


This is the view inside the shopping mall. The bridge and more hanging lights. It looks like a garden fairy in one of the Disney movie – Pirate Fairies. I can feel that I was in a fantasy land. (Too much reading fantasy novel) 😜


I enjoyed seeing the beautiful decorations. Kids love it too. Next month, I bet all the decorations will turn into red and more Sakuras… πŸ˜‰πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈ

Movie day!

Hello everyone!

Anyone feeling Monday blues today? How was your weekend? I hope you had a great time with your family or friends.


Yesterday, my brother insisted on bringing the kids to watch Penguins of Madagascar at the cinema. We brought along Yaya, Adam and Amani. Since it was the first time for Amani going to the cinema, they had to tag along me. Hehe. “Cukai adik!”


Congratz Amani! You have passed the challenge. Luckily she behaved herself during the show. Perhaps she felt it was fun to sit around besides her cousins and enjoying the movie. The movie was pretty good too. Those penguins were so cute… hehe.


Hello everyone.

I know some of you really looking forward for the weekends. Not forgetting me. I love having our quality times during weekend.

Not everytime. Sigh~ Sometimes, I wish weekend is over so that I can escape from the stress. Stress during weekends?

Yes. Especially when you are on your own, facing the kid. DearDear is outstation and it left me juggling the everyday routine with Amani. Weekdays are over and now come the weekends.

Yesterday she’d been super active and naughty. She threw things, played with my buttons, running here and there without shirt, peed on the bed and the last thing she did was…. shaking the aquarium. The water spilled all over the floor. Oh dear….

And I was like…. $&@//-:##{%>€~\[{%€£’!!!!


O’ Allah, please give strength!