Good day my friends and readers. ☀️☀️

Still hoping to see more sunshine after a heavy rain last night.

If somebody asks me whether I am more closed to my grandfather or gradmother, I would answer my grandmother. Perhaps because I didn’t got a chance to meet my grandfather on my father’s side and my late grandfather (my mother’s dad) had passed away 24 years ago.

I was nine years old, I only remembered that he was a very strict person. When I was 7, my parent let me stayed with my grandparents (mom’s side) in Sibu until I was 11, I started to follow my parent to live in Mukah. Around that period, I was more clingy to my grandmother than him. She was like a second mother to me.


Now I am looking at Amani. She and my mother are very closed. They’re just like best friends. This is her ‘Mak’ or ‘Nekmak’ 😄 My mom, just like how she taught us, she loves to teach her new games and likes playing around with her.


She also very closed with DearDear’s mother. My mother in-law really ‘manja’ her. And she would only love Bubur Maknek (Grandmother’s porridge). That’s her favourite.

Between Nekmak and Maknek, I think she loves both of them equally. They are her comfort zones especially when I become a ‘monster mama!’ Lol!

January 2015 – Smalls SAL 2015

Good day everyone!

The Smalls SAL is back again for this year challenge.


Although I did not win the last year challenge, I didn’t mind. It’s the thrilled and fun while doing the challenge that matters. 😄 And for this year, I’m taking the challenge again. If you want to join, you can click here for more info.


As for January 2015 check in, I had stitch an apple and a hot air balloon. The design for the balloon, I got it from the Pinterest. It is my dream to fly in the hot air balloon. hehe. 🎈🎈 I have learned a new technique of stitching the apple. It was simple technique indeed. I wonder why I never tried stitching this technique before.

Well, if you noticed, this is from my 39 squares. Yeah, I’m still lacked behind. It’s not even until halfway. Haha. 😆😅 So many distractions. 😜

Homemade Karipap

Ohaiyogozaimasu! ☀️☀️
It’s a lovely morning when I could see the sunshine and the rainbow this morning. 🌈


Last weekend I was very ‘rajin’ all of the sudden to make homemade karipap (curry puffs). 😂 Yeah, everyone knows that I only baking/cooking once in a blue moon. Perhaps it was the blue moon the night before. 🌝

Indeed I really love making karipap. Especially the braided parts. It’s like I am doing my crafting activity. Haha. Mom told me, whoever making karipap with the mould is considered as not a pro yet. Mom always challenged me and my sister like this before. I remember when she told us, whoever couldn’t flip the ‘telur dadar’ without breaking it, still aren’t qualify to marry anyone). Therefore, I started practising braided the edges using clays. And it works… But, still not approved by my mom. She told me the edges were too thick. 😓 Huhu. I guessed I need more and more practise. Well, that’s my mom. 😁


Amani also lending her hands that day. Although her karipap doughs were more looked like a ball in the first place, I taught her how to braid the edges.


She was super excited that her karipap doughs were looking like mine. Ta-da…. enjoy my ‘kelipap’ 😘

Potted Plants on Sale!

Moshi moshi minna san~ 😄

Hello and welcome. How was you weekend? Well, I’d been certainly busying myself with my family and…. my new babies.


New babies? 😉 First of all, let me served your eyes with this beautiful roses. Aren’t they look beautiful? Well, I bought one of them… Can you guess which colour? 🌹🌹


I always can’t say NO to cactuses. They are just beautiful in my eyes. These species were kind of hard to get in Kuching. I saw these types at Cameron Highlands. DearDear told me to choose which one I liked. Well, I chose two… and he chose one.


I think that were not enough. I’m still dreaming of other cactuses… I’m going again, after payday. hehe. Well, if you are in Kuching, you can hop over to the entrance of Tun Jugah building. They are selling potted plants until March. Looking for valentine’s gift to your loved ones? These potted plants are the perfect choices… Swoon over their hearts with flowers and plants! 💕💕

Urm.. that hint was actually directed to DearDear indeed. Lol! 😜

Soon I’m going to reveal the three new babies that I bought and the mystery rose. So what’s the guessing? I think I have some gift to give away for the correct answer. 💝

Hello Kitty + Kerokerokeroppi

Moshi Moshi minna san! 🙋


So everyone in my house were fed-up with me bragging here and there about this HK+Keroppi. Lol! From the moment I saw the ads from McDonald, I started to aim that I am going to get that Hello Kitty + Kerokerokeroppi! Definitely a must have Keroppi’s collection. Haha.


Te-deng!! Thank you so much to DearDear for your concerned towards his wifey’s crazziness. Lol! 😆😆 He brought us to McD outlet on the first day the HK+Keroppi released. Very touching. 😂 And when we got home, I saw another box of the collectibles on the table. Amani grab it for instance and said it was hers. Thanks to my brother for buying the second one for me. What a thoughtful brother. Hehe.

There you go. Mamani have each of the Hello Kitty + Kerokerokeroppi for their own collection. 😝

The Selection Series

Hi and welcome friends and readers… 👸

How are you? It’s raining season here in Kuching. That means, it’s time for me to ‘hibernate’! Lol 😆


I hope I’m making sure myself to make a progress with my reading activities. This time I want to make a book review about my favourite series. The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. This book is recommended by Kathy, raving about how great it was. I didn’t know how well I liked it, but I decided to give it a try. The moment I began reading, I fell in love instantly. It’s dystopian fiction which I absolutely love. It is hilarious, yet just the right amount of sadness.

Thanks to her that I just couldn’t stop loving this book very much. I love every bits of it. I read from the ebook in the beginning and I had to stop at the last book because… I don’t want it to end. Lol! 😁 I want to hold the physical books and indulge myself into the stories.


Therefore I bought The Selection Book Combo from Popular. Hooray! 😍 I love the book covers, they are so beautiful. The first book is The Selection, second book is The Elite and the last book is The One. Plus a bonus short story of The Prince and The Guard.

The Selection Series is a series of dystopian/romance young adult novels by author Kiera Cass, following the journey of America Singer, a young girl who is entered in a competition (referred to as The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor) to be the next queen of a country called Illéa – and Prince Maxon’s wife. However, this means leaving her family and secret boyfriend behind. She is stuck between two worlds, and realizes that life as one of the thirty-five girls is not what she expected.

The Selection book is a must read. You will fall in love with Prince Maxon from the moment you read about him and swoon with the rest of the country. I felt what America was feeling, and cried, laughed, and was joyful when she was. This book can make me nervous especially the last book. I cried at the last chapters in The One. 😂 No… no… it’s not a mooshy mooshy kind of story. You will definitely love the lovebirds. This is my kind of favourite love story. 💕💕


Inside the combo box, there is a bonus short story of The Prince and The Guard. You will be getting glimpses of Maxon and Aspen point of view. And… some bonus contents of The Selection Series. There are a complete lists of The Selection Girls, The Family Trees of America, Maxon and Aspen, q&a with Kiera Cass and the playlist that inspired Kiera’s writing. At least I know someone is like me. Getting ideas from the favourite songs. haha.


Hehehe. As usual… The characters must have faces! Lol! 😄 I would love Ed Westwick as Prince Maxon. Except that he has to colour his hair blonde. And America….. I think the model on the book covers is suitable as described. But, if I have to choose any actress to play the role, I’m going to choose Leighton Meester. Yeah. They’ve played the very famous roles in Gossip Girl as Chuck Base and Blair Waldolf. They are just perfect to be together…


This picture from the last season of Gossip Girl. It’s just the way I imagined how Prince Maxon and America Singer together. Ooh.. I’m still a little hung over from this trilogy! Oh, there will be a book four – The Heir, coming soon on May 2015.