2014 Reading Challenge

Hello 2015! πŸ™‹

Ok, from the WordPress statistic, I’ve lost 2000 viewers compared to the year 2013. Perhaps it is because I seldom update my blog or I always been in a blogger’s block lately. Or ‘blog constipation’ as In Yee Ling’s term. Haha. πŸ˜†

Meanwhile, in Year 2013 I failed to complete my reading challenge. As for last year I managed to complete the challenge. 40 books for 2014 year. Hooray!


In 2014, I’ve completed the Divergent Series including bonus story of Four. It was a good series, now I’m waiting for the Insurgent movie version. I also have completed the Hush Hush Saga. I don’t know why the book had bad reviews because I really love the series. I begun to love Patch Cipriano (my fiction love) 😝


I’ve read 10 Malay books, and luckily last year I din’t read any lovey dovey moochy moochy Malay books. Ahahaa. I’ve only selected the urban Malay books and they happened to impress me. I’ve started to read The Selection series as well, and I am suppose to finish the third book but I purposedly put it on hold just because I love the series and I don’t want it to finish. Not until I buy the real books. “Like that also have ka?” Lol! πŸ˜›

What about you guys? Did you reached your goals?
This year, I’m going to challenge myself to read 50 books. Chaiyok!


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