Temptation #…. (I lost count. Hihi): Durian

Hiya! πŸ™‹

I am not really a durian fan. I would only ate one or two pieces of durians and that’s it. But last week, suddenly I craved for Durian. Muhehehe.


Went to the Kenyalang Park and saw this uncle with his mother selling durians. RM6 for one durian. The price is still reasonable lah, since he offered to open the durians and took only the good one. All in all he opened about six durians but we only paid for the price of three durians. Still cheap, right?


Amani keep on telling me “Durian!” “Durian!” but she refused to try eating it. I guessed she dislike the strong odour. Well, the durians taste so good. Enough to shut up the sound of my cravingness that day. Hehe. πŸ˜†


12 thoughts on “Temptation #…. (I lost count. Hihi): Durian

  1. I have stopped taking durian many years ago. Maybe when I went to college. But I think the last time I had durian was in Kapit few years ago. Since then I am not into durian.

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