Bedtime Stories

Hello friends and readers… 😘


Amani really enjoyed the moment when her two favourite cousins: Yaya & Adam, stayed at our house. She would stayed up late at night, playing with her cousins. I don’t mind sometimes because she loves her company around her age. One of her favourite activity is reading a book to both of them. Eventhough she doesn’t know how to read, she would tried creating her own story based on the pictures from the book. And the two of them would giggles at her some unknown words. Lol πŸ˜† It made us laughed too when we heard Amani telling a bedtime stories to Yaya and Adam. πŸ˜„

I can see that she loves book. Everytime before going to bed she would bring her own book and asked me to read to her. I think she’s copying me, my habit before going to sleep – reading a few chapters. It is my kind of lullaby. ☺️


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