Homemade Karipap

Ohaiyogozaimasu! ☀️☀️
It’s a lovely morning when I could see the sunshine and the rainbow this morning. 🌈


Last weekend I was very ‘rajin’ all of the sudden to make homemade karipap (curry puffs). 😂 Yeah, everyone knows that I only baking/cooking once in a blue moon. Perhaps it was the blue moon the night before. 🌝

Indeed I really love making karipap. Especially the braided parts. It’s like I am doing my crafting activity. Haha. Mom told me, whoever making karipap with the mould is considered as not a pro yet. Mom always challenged me and my sister like this before. I remember when she told us, whoever couldn’t flip the ‘telur dadar’ without breaking it, still aren’t qualify to marry anyone). Therefore, I started practising braided the edges using clays. And it works… But, still not approved by my mom. She told me the edges were too thick. 😓 Huhu. I guessed I need more and more practise. Well, that’s my mom. 😁


Amani also lending her hands that day. Although her karipap doughs were more looked like a ball in the first place, I taught her how to braid the edges.


She was super excited that her karipap doughs were looking like mine. Ta-da…. enjoy my ‘kelipap’ 😘