January 2015 – Smalls SAL 2015

Good day everyone!

The Smalls SAL is back again for this year challenge.


Although I did not win the last year challenge, I didn’t mind. It’s the thrilled and fun while doing the challenge that matters. πŸ˜„ And for this year, I’m taking the challenge again. If you want to join, you can click here for more info.


As for January 2015 check in, I had stitch an apple and a hot air balloon. The design for the balloon, I got it from the Pinterest. It is my dream to fly in the hot air balloon. hehe. 🎈🎈 I have learned a new technique of stitching the apple. It was simple technique indeed. I wonder why I never tried stitching this technique before.

Well, if you noticed, this is from my 39 squares. Yeah, I’m still lacked behind. It’s not even until halfway. Haha. πŸ˜†πŸ˜… So many distractions. 😜

8 thoughts on “January 2015 – Smalls SAL 2015

  1. It is the thrill and excitement that keep you going, not the winning or prize. Glad you join again this year. Have fun, dear.

    Cute stitching.

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