Good day my friends and readers. ☀️☀️

Still hoping to see more sunshine after a heavy rain last night.

If somebody asks me whether I am more closed to my grandfather or gradmother, I would answer my grandmother. Perhaps because I didn’t got a chance to meet my grandfather on my father’s side and my late grandfather (my mother’s dad) had passed away 24 years ago.

I was nine years old, I only remembered that he was a very strict person. When I was 7, my parent let me stayed with my grandparents (mom’s side) in Sibu until I was 11, I started to follow my parent to live in Mukah. Around that period, I was more clingy to my grandmother than him. She was like a second mother to me.


Now I am looking at Amani. She and my mother are very closed. They’re just like best friends. This is her ‘Mak’ or ‘Nekmak’ 😄 My mom, just like how she taught us, she loves to teach her new games and likes playing around with her.


She also very closed with DearDear’s mother. My mother in-law really ‘manja’ her. And she would only love Bubur Maknek (Grandmother’s porridge). That’s her favourite.

Between Nekmak and Maknek, I think she loves both of them equally. They are her comfort zones especially when I become a ‘monster mama!’ Lol!

5 thoughts on “Grandmothers

  1. I were close to my maternal grandparents when small. I think my 2 older kids are closer to the paternal grandma more although they seen her once a while in a year. Not that my parents do not love them but there is a bit of language barrier as my parents do not speak English while my kids speak English more. Now they are closer to both sets of grandparents as they communicate and learn Chinese in school.

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