Anniversaries 2015

Hello my lovely friends and readers…


12 February is my lovey dovey date. It was my wedding anniversary. ๐Ÿ’• I remember getting married during Chinese New Year, and it was raining season just like this year. The picture above was taken during our honeymoon at KK. Look at my expressionless face, lol. It was because I just figured out that I am 14 weeks pregnant by then. ๐Ÿ’ I had experienced with spotting during my early pregnancy, and was advised to have enough rest. Therefore, our honeymoon was kind of like a getaway vacation, instead of sightseeing or going to the islands. I wish to go to Sabah again someday and claiming what I had missed during my last trip. By the way, Happy Anniversary DearDear! ๐Ÿ˜˜


As for this year’s anniversary, we celebrate it at the Bukit Mata Seafood. Instead of going to the resort like last year, the three of us were just had dinner together. We ordered five menus including my favourite – Fried Squids. in the end I couldn’t walk properly due to my full stomach. Lol!


Thanks to the wordpress notifications for reminding me that on 12th February is my blog anniversary as well. It had been 6 years since I started using WordPress. Well, Happy Birthday blog! Thank you for being my loyal listener all this while. ๐Ÿ‘‚


The next day, we went to Mazazu Crepe and had their Japanese crepes. I’ve tried the new menu which is The Chicken Sausage Crepe, but dislike the taste. I would still prefer the Chicken Mushroom Crepe. DearDear was having Nutella with Condensed Milk Crepe. Amani…. well it’s easy to treat her. Just give her a vanilla ice-cream and it would made her day. ๐Ÿฆ

Alright then, till next post. Bye! xoxo.

9 thoughts on “Anniversaries 2015

  1. Wow! So many anniversaries to celebrate. And Valentine’s Day and your birthday as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yummy squid. My favourite too. Long time did not makan in Topspot.

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